Thursday, May 10, 2007

France - Train Stop

We were up early Saturday morning to head out to Angers. Matt jointed us at the train station. It was nice to ride the high speed train in the daylight even if I was sitting backwards.

We had one stop before Angers and I could not believe what I saw when I looked out the window when we stopped.

Sable pronounced "say-blee". For those who don't know, that is my e-mail address. How cool is that.

As I mentioned earlier, the day would supply what I consider the highlight of my trip. Paris is great but after reading and seeing pictures of its sites it was almost anticlimactic.


Annie said...

You probably felt you were meant to see that sign - that it was meant for you. I am loving taking your trip with you, Squire.

Anonymous said...


Just dropping by to say good bye. I decided to delete my blog and focus on other areas of my life. I will see if I can make it without blogging, and if I can't I can always begin again. I have enjoyed your blog, I was going to make it one of my next "weekend wink" blogs but then someone had hissy fit about some things and felt left out and caused all kinds of a ruckus and so I quit the winks and never got back to it. I will stop in from time to time to see what you are talking about.

Take care and blessings,


OhTheJoys said...



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