Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Book Review

Before I review the book, I would like to tell you about Garland Leamons. Mr. Leamons was born in 1910 and we buried him this week.

He has my bother Bob's father-in-law. 97 years young and indeed a treasure to everyone that knew him.

What does this has to do with a book review?

Mr. Leamons lived a very simple life and over sixty years ago built a home for his family about ten miles from town. Over the years I had the pleasure of visiting his home several times and had the honor of being a pallbearer when Mrs. Leamons passed away nearly 25 years ago.

Just a simple home for a simple family but when you entered you felt the love of this family.

I was just a youngster the first time I visited but I was always welcome and as I became older, we had some wonderful talks. I should say, "I listened while he talked". He had wonderful stories and I was always entertained.

It is my loss that I haven't visited in several years. So many stories that I will never have the privilege of hearing.

The life he led mirrors the life chronicled in this months book.


The Foxfire books are a series of books about the early life in the southern Appalachians mountains.

In the late 1960's, Eliot Wigginton and his students created the magazine Foxfire in an effort to record and preserve the traditional folk culture of the Southern Appalachians.

It become so popular and so many students became involved that it led to the book series.

Eliot Wigginton was the editor while his students were the authors. They talked to their elder family members and began to assemble the stories of their heritage.

Each book is a stand alone book with it's own stories but the original Foxfire book explains how it all got started.

They should be available at your local library.

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Annie said...

Thanks for reminding me about the Foxfire series and for telling me about this man. I have checked out these books from the LR library before and I'll do it again, this time looking specifically for him.


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