Sunday, November 11, 2007

Peggy Walters Lemons

This afternoon as I opened my e-mail I was shocked to find one of my "Gurdon High Class of 1966" had passed away. She was married to Huey Lemons.

Peggy was more than a classmate, she was the one that took my innocence (no, not that kind), she was the first girl to break my heart.

I moved to Gurdon my senior year but this story starts earlier than that. I knew Huey long before I knew Peggy. Huey moved to Bearden while I still lived there and we became friends. It has been so long ago but I think he only lived in Bearden a few months. Peggy has actually known Huey long before he moved to Bearden.

After moving to Gurdon and making a total ass out of myself for several months, I found myself seated next to Peggy in science class. After a few months I asked her out and she said she would have to get back to me on it. Later she broke the news, I had to meet her parents (things were different in 1966).

The Beatles were popular and I had "the hair" but was smart enough (with Peggy's
suggestion) to wet it down and comb it in a more traditional style when around her parents. Her mom seems to like me but I can't say the same for her dad, but dads never like the daughter's boyfriends. Mom won off and we were now a "couple".

We started dating and she was my date for "senior prom". We didn't actually go because I was having brake troubles with my 1957 Plymouth and found we were late to the prom and decided not to go in after arriving at Arkadelphia.

After graduation Peggy attended Ouachita Baptist College and moved back to Bearden and found a job. We dated for several more weeks but she finally dumped me (smart girl).

"Puppy Love" always holds a place in ones heart. I will always cherish her friendship and am truly saddened by her passing. My thoughts are with Huey and her family.

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Annie said...

That is startling, isn't it, when a love interest from long ago (or anyone you once knew well) in your own generation dies.

My parents have told me that hearing about the deaths of those we have known is one of the hardest things we go through as we age.


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