Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bad Boy

Long before I was diagnosed with type II diabetes, I would have spells about once a year where I would be "mad at the whole world". It would build to a point that I could not stand myself. I would start taking a multi-vitamin and in a week or so realize my attitude had changed.

I now believe this was really early signs of diabetes. Now when my sugar gets a little high, I get depressed and mad at the world.

After being diagnosed with diabetes, I lost about 75 lbs. in 12 weeks, started riding a bicycle 45 to 70 miles a week. My sugar would be in the upper 70's in the morning and I felt better than I had in years (except for the fact that I no strength at 175 lbs).

Over the next year or so I let my weight ease up to 185 lbs., my sugar around 95, and my blood pressure about 110/70 and I gained my strength back. I would check it every day and it was always the same.

Slowly I rode the bike less, didn't watch my diet as closely, and checked my sugar only occasionally. The weight started easing up but it stayed below 200 lbs.

Fast forward and I haven't ridden my bike in two years, eat anything I want, weight on the wrong side of 225 lbs, and for the last month my depression and anger have returned. My blood sugar is too high @125 and something has to be done.

The world is not a pretty place when seen thru my miserable eyes. Blogger has been giving me fits, but the real truth is for the last month I have not had anything "good" to say about my life or the world.


Annie said...

Ones view of the world is coming right out of ones own body so it stands to reason that if the body is off-kilter then the view might be too. I'd never heard though of this symptom related to diabetes. It's your warning cry!

Lilli & Nevada said...

I think you know what you have to do to get back in a even keel with your life. So preaching to you about getting back to doing what you know is good for you won't help much. But i sure would hate to think i won't be seeing any neat posts from you again, so go take care of yourself like you know you should.
Ok i said i wasn't going to preach didn't is say that?

Linda said...

I don’t have diabetes, but also have quit exercising. The weight slipped up 20 pounds. Blood pressure and cholesterol reacted accordingly. Let’s make it a goal to loose ten pounds by Valentines day--hopefully not just Christmas candy weight!


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