Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The El Dorado Promise

Hearing grumbling about $3 a gallon gasoline. That is not the case with the El Dorado, Arkansas school students. El Dorado is the home of Murphy Oil Corp. so naturally it provides a large number of high paying jobs in the area, but that is not what has the students excited.

The El Dorado Promise is sponsored by Murphy Oil and it guaranties that every graduating senior ( read the story for the facts) at El Dorado High School that wants to attend a college or university will have their tuition and fees paid in full.

The tuition money is capped by the highest tuition charged in Arkansas but can be used at any school in any state up to the Arkansas cap.

The best students usually receive scholarships at most schools but this program covers any student that gets admitted to a college or university.

A student from a poor family will now know he or she CAN attend a college or university. Students will try harder through their school years because they know there will be a big payoff for them.

If this story doesn't make you feel good about America, I don't know what will.


Annie said...

It's distressed me terribly knowing that many college students graduate with tens of thousands of dollars of debt to repay. The El Dorado students won't have to carry that load as they get on with their lives, thanks to Murphy Oil.

Remember when California offered free college educations to its residents. ?

Anonymous said...

College is still somewhat state funded in California. It used to be so cheap it was nearly free. I remember attending a Cal State school in the 1980's and the tuition for a semester full-time was only about 3x the cost of books.

The big problem in California now is that our musclehead governor keeps cutting funds for education at the K-12 level.

What would make me feel good about America-- or at least California-- is if the government would summon up the cohones to TAX corporations and the rich sufficiently to pay for free education for everyone. They way it used to be before Reagan, Howard Jarvis, Dukmejian, Wilson, Schwarzenneger, etc.

Kerri said...

This is a 'good news' story. Thanks for sharing it, and yes, it does make me feel good about America.
I have to say though that I totally disagree with gc about taxing the rich more to pay for free education for everyone. That's such a typical bleeding heart liberal idea. More government handouts are not what America needs! I guess gc doesn't realize that most of our tax dollars already come from the rich. The top 25% of wage earners pay 86% of all Federal income tax. The top 1% pay 39%.
His kind of thinking makes my blood boil!


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