Sunday, January 06, 2008

How I came to have my name

My mom lived around Sparkman, Arkansas as a girl. She would tell stories about the dances that everyone attended. Often they would last all night long and it was quite common to wear out the soles of a new pair of shoes in one night. Inexpensive shoes and wooden dance floors with sawdust to makes them slippery had a lot to do with this.

These were not dances at fancy "dance halls", but were often in the homes of the musicians with people dancing in the parlor , kitchen, and even the front and back porches.

This was the days of the Model T Ford and every man wore a hat. When a man arrived at a dance and part of the brim of his hat was missing, it could mean only one thing. He had used part of his hat brim to line the clutch of his Model T.

One of the musical families of the Sparkman area where my mom attended dances was the Brown family. Their son and two daughters would later form the country music trio Jim Ed, Maxine and Bonnie known simply as "The Browns".

They had several hits in the mid 50's and Jim Ed went on to a very nice solo career before forming a duo with Helen Cornelius.

One of their aunts was Magee Brown and she married a local boy named Sam. The rigors of touring was hard on Bonnie as she had married and had young children. When Sam died in the late 50's, Bonnie asked her Aunt Magee to be her nanny.

Dang Squire, I thought his was a post about your name.

Well the Aunt Magee and Uncle Sam that Jim Ed, Maxine and Bonnie knew was known to me as Uncle Sam and Aunt Magee. Uncle Sam was my dad's brother.

"And now you know the rest of the story".

Heck you really didn't think my name was Squire, did you?

On a side note: My weight remains at 221.5 pds.

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