Friday, October 08, 2010

Lazy ass!

No, not yet. I have been busy this first week of retirement. I finished my battery box and added two heavy coats of primer and two heavy coats of gloss black for weather protection.

Finally got the old motor home running today after three days of working on the fuel system. Thought I was having a switching problem between the main and aux tanks but it turned out to be a cracked rubber fuel line. Replaced the 5ft hose and it is purring like a 454 Chevy with only 32,000 miles should.

Still a little work to do before we put it on the market. Will be strange not to have it in the driveway.

In 2003 I bought a slightly used Giant OCR3 bicycle and rode it 15 to 20 miles three or four days a week for about two years but it has been in the shed most of the time since.

I have another bike, an older Giant that I am taking when we leave but decided to sell my "road bike". I put it on Craigslist yesterday afternoon and sold it about 8:30 this morning. Recouping my investment. Sweet!

We are replacing part of our 12volt incandescent lights with 12volt fluorescents. We decided on Thin-Light Model 652 lights and bought one locally to check it out (a premium of about $25 over ordering online). Installed it in the kitchen and ordered two more for the living room. Maybe not the smartest move buying locally but really wanted to make sure they were the lights we wanted. Will probably add two in the bathroom and one in the bedroom at a later date. They produce more light while using less amps.

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