Saturday, October 09, 2010


The mailman brought the two Thin-Light model 652 lights I ordered

and after replacing the stock incandescent lightsin the living room I can say this is one improvement that exceeds my expectations. Incandescent light bulbs start loosing their candlepower from the first time they are used and continue to grow dimmer over time. With three Thin-Lights in the front half of our travel trailer it is now BRIGHT. I differently see we will be adding them to the bathroom (does a woman ever have enough light in a bathroom?) and bedroom.

I a great price with no sales tax ( I have a little Gordon Kahl in me) and free shipping. They must buy in bulk because the lights did not come individually boxed and therefore didn't include the wire nuts and mounting screws. I just used the mounting screws from the stock units and rounded up some wire nuts.

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