Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rear Bumper

We are not moving today, so I will show you my modified rear bumper I put on the Cardinal.

The original bumper bolted to the I-beam trailer frame and was made out of schedule 14 steel bent into channel. I needed to add about 18 inches to it.

I unbolted the bumper and used my angle head grinder to grind away the welds that were holding aluminum covered box tubing bumper. The box tubing bumper holds the stinky-slinky (sewer hose) and I wanted to keep it for appearances.

After designing, I had 4-inch channel (big improvement over schedule 14) cut to lengths. One for each side and one to run crosswise. I brought the pieces home and drilled the holes to bolt it on. I then contacted a retired welder that has a small home shop and he welded everything. It is now stronger than before and the right length.

Back home it was just a matter of bolting it on. I now have a place to carry my generator. As an afterthought I decided I wanted a box on the back also. In retrospect, I really couldn't do without it.

To save weight and for appearances I wanted a polished aluminum box. After checking several websites I found the right size box at Tractor Supply and they were 20% off before Christmas making it cheaper than a metal box.

I used some spare angle iron I had and built rack to hold the generator and bolted it to the bumper. I had originally wanted the generator on the right and the box on the left but after investigation realized it I put the generator on the right I would have to raise the taillight.

So box on the right and generator on the left and of course the ladder bolted to the rv ladder. The exhaust of the generator clears the box over an inch but I want to add a tail pipe and run it upward to lower the noise of the already quite generator.

Looks like the factory built it and it is strong enough I can add a receiver hitch to haul my motorcycle if I choose to do so.

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