Saturday, January 15, 2011

Waynesboro, Ms.

Leaving Philadelphia, Ms. after a week was not without its problems. We have been having inclement weather and that caused a problem when hooking up.

I use a lock on the tongue hasp to keep it from coming unlocked and just lock it back when unhitched to keep anyone from hitching to the trailer.

It was still well below freezing when we hooked up and the lock was frozen. I tried the key but it was tight and would only go in part of the way. Frozen solid!

I carry my key to the campground restroom and heat it with the hand air dryer and it still is frozen. I climb over the bed (the slides are already pulled in) and get the hair dryer. Back out side I get an extension cord from one of the outside compartments and heat the lock. Still no go, that sucker is really frozen, the key is still tight. OK, I really heat the lock up and when I reach for the key.

Damn, I have been using the wrong key!! Right key slides right in and unlocks it. Did I mention I'm freezing my butt off this whole time!

We finally moved to Waynesboro, Ms. to Maynor Creek Water Park. It sounds like a commercial water park but it really like a state park on a lake.

This is our "coffee view" out of our front door.

This is the Cardinal nestled into our spot.

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