Friday, January 07, 2011

Williams Brothers General Store

Amzie and Brown Williams opened the general mercantile store in 1907 and the original part of the store is the right part in this picture. Second and third generations are now operating the store that has continuously served the farm and city population through changing times. In 1939 National Geographic featured it as a "needles to horse collar" store.

The store is truly a step back in time with individually priced items with no bar-code readers. Right in the middle of the store is a meat cooler and they are slicing and packaging bacon any thickness you want and having trouble keeping up with the demand.

The Williams Brothers store has one other "small" piece to it's heritage, that being Olivia Williams. Say you never heard of Olivia Williams, how about Olivia "Williams" Manning. That's right, that Olivia Manning, Payton and Eli's mother.

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Anonymous said...

interested in checking the place out. good job on the blog!


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