Saturday, June 18, 2011

Alternative energy

Nice home and garage with a pool in the back yard owned by a gentleman that has worked at a coal powered electric generating plant for decades.

What makes this home "special" is the wind turbine and solar panels in the front yard.

He has nine TriStar 210watt solar panels with a vertical and horizontal tracking system producing approximately 2000 watts,

and a 10,000 watt Ventera wind generator on a 100ft. tower,

all controlled by this panel in the garage. It is set up for net metering.

Net metering means his system is tied to the electrical utility grid and will make his home electrical meter run backwards when he is producing more electricity than he is consuming.

He has had the system for almost 11 months and has zeroed out this utility bill. He does expect to use more energy this summer than he produces as it will be his first full summer of a/c usage and his pool was installed late in the summer last year.

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