Thursday, June 02, 2011

Happy Camper, NOT !

I washed the camper over the weekend for our move on Memorial Day to Little Rock, Ar. for a week or so.

Our Cardinal TT came with Karrier Load Star 10 ply tires, made in China!!!! Before we started out west in the heat of the summer I intended to change them out for a national brand. The tires looked great having traveled about 4500 miles since new. I washed the tires and wheels, checked them over for problems, and made sure they were aired to the recommended 80 psi. I know what to look for when inspecting tires having worked and later owned a tire store in my earlier life. Everything was OK to make the 100 mile trip to new and better quality tires.

Forty miles into the trip, BOOM!!!, I have a blowout. Tears off the plastic fender, puts a hole in my water line and rips out some 12 volt wiring. I call Coach Net, my road service provider and was back on the road in about and hour and half.

The wire on the floor inside the door is what was ripped out ( all that I know of).

This photo shows how the tread shredded from the carcass before or after it blew. It did not damage the tail or stop lights.

I found the front tire on the other side to now have a knot on the side wall. With no spare we managed to make it to Maumelle Park and get setup for the night.

Now we see the extent of the damage. No ceiling lights, no outside lights, slides will not operate, and several other 12 volts circuits in the command panel have no power.

I am hot, tired, my nerves are shot but we are safe and unharmed. After calming down I was able to jump across the terminals on the hydraulic pump that activates the slides and get them to open. The pump is fine just the wiring is ripped out.

Tuesday we head out with the blown tire and wheel to have a new tire mounted so we will at least have a spare should another tire blow on our way for the other tires. Sounds easy doesn't it?

Having already done research on tires, I knew the choices were slim. I knew they had to meet my criteria; name brand, 10ply, and Trailer Service Only.

I considered GoodYear G614 tires as they are 14 ply and the same tire used on 18 wheelers only in a 16 inch size. Costs nearly as much too, after checking my wheels I knew they were not rated for the 110 psi the G614 tires needed to carry maximum weight.

So I knew the GoodYear Marathon 10 ply Trailer Service Tire was the only thing left. Damn, there are none in Little Rock and will have to be ordered.

I already have an appointment where I bought my Cardinal to have an insurance estimate written on Thursday. No way I am moving the Cardinal without a spare and then only to have tires put on it.

Camping World gave a great price on the tires and could have them Thursday about noon. As fast as anyone as they had to come out of the Ft. Smith or Memphis warehouse.

I called and had my estimate appointment moved to Friday because the place is 25 miles south and again I am not moving without tires.

Camping World called Wednesday morning and said the tires had been delivered ( they made it on the truck even thou the warehouse said the truck had already left).

I drive the 25 miles east to Camping World and have one tire mounted and came back for the Cardinal. Can not believe we made it back to the store without another blowout.

They mounted the tires and wrote an estimate for the damages, over $2,300. Now I just need to get the other estimate tomorrow and fax them in to the insurance company and should have the OK in about 2 or 3 days.

Then made an appointment to have it fixed. Should take 2 or 3 days.

As for now, we are still able to live in it as we can work around the 12 volt issues and I made the repair to the water line.

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