Monday, July 23, 2007

Canada Bound

While driving on the frontage road today, I passed a touring bicyclist. I drove passed him far enough I could stop and walk back to meet him.

"Jerry" lived in Dallas, Texas and was on his way to Canada. He had ridden Interstate 30 most of the way from Dallas. Both illegal and dangerous. He would use the frontage road when one was available.

He was not sure how he was going to get across Little Rock but said he was headed toward Memphis, Tn.. With no frontage roads for most of the way across Little Rock, I asked if he would accept a ride. Some tour cyclist want to "pedal" every mile, but he accepted and we loaded his bike in my pickup.

I assured him that he would be better off riding US70, a 2-lane highway with a nice shoulder most of the time, that runs parallel to I-30. Since I don't have a set time to be at work, I drove him the 15 or so miles to put him on US70 a few miles out of town.

He was not riding a conventional touring bike (like the one below) that lets you spread your load front and rear on the bike.

He was on a Mongoose mountain bike from WalMart. All the weight was on the rear of this "heavy" low-end bike. He was not wearing a helmet nor was he wearing gloves.

I took this picture where I let him off on US70. He gave me a card with his name and e-mail address so I could e-mail him my blog site and he promised I would get the first e-mailed picture when he makes it to Canada.

I wished him well (wishing he was better prepared) and he was off.

ps. I just received an e-mail from Jerry and he made it to Forrest City about 8pm. I let him off around 11am. He had traveled about 90 miles this afternoon. Way to go, Jerry.


Unknown said...

I really love your blog. I'm always interested in people traveling on bike or any other way for that matter. I have a couple blogs.

Annie said...

Another not-so-modern day traveler. He was likely so gratified to ride along highway 70 - it's quite picturesque in so many places. You were one of those good Samaritans we've always heard about, but rarely encounter.

squire said...

"Good Samaritan", I think that is a stretch. hehe

Tracy said...

It's difficult nowadays to travel across the US without using the Interstates; some areas more so than others. That's too bad, I think.


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