Sunday, July 08, 2007

The fruits of Summer

I like to stop and buy produce from individuals selling their wares beside the road.

My favorite are the farmers that sell what they grow, but I also admire people that purchase from the farmers and make a sideline business to supplement their incomes. Of those, retirees are my favorite.

South of Pine Bluff, Ar. at the junction of 65 and 81 (aka I-520 and US425) is an older man that does both. He has a "truck-patch" garden plus buys for resale.

At the present time his 16' trailer is loaded with seedless mini citrullus lanatus. He travels about 150 miles to purchase the fruit. He buys one thousand at a time for $.50 each and sells them for $1.00. He also has a few veggies from his garden. It takes about 2 days to sell the load. Not a lot of money but still not bad either.

An afternoon delight on the deck is very refreshing. At $.50 for a half, it sure beats most treats.

The seedless mini watermelon are about the size of a cantaloupe and very sweet. Very little is wasted as the "meat" goes all the way to the rind. I keep them iced down in my ice chest and when we eat them, they are placed in pie plates to catch the juices.

1 comment:

Annie said...

Now that's the perfect summertime activity, watermelon on the porch. And the placemats look just right!


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