Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Today Zac leaves Le Mans after an amazing one year experience living and teaching in France. I can only imagine the emotions that will be running thru him as the train pulls away from the station.

Saying goodbye to his French friends was hard because he will most likely never see any of them again. Friends are what makes life interesting and the ones I met seem to really care for him and I am sure there will be a few tears.

He will arrive here on the 18th after a few days in Paris and Dublin, Ireland. Even though he will be off to Penn State (about 1,100 miles away) for more education (both books and life), it will be great to have him back in the USA.

He phoned regularly from Le Mans as he had free international long distance on his internet plan, but I could not pick up the phone and call him any time I wanted. Back home he will have his cell phone again and I will again have that option.

If you look up "happy and proud dad" in the dictionary, you will find a color picture of me. Hurry home little man.

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