Sunday, July 29, 2007

Truck Shopping

I need a 3/4 ton diesel pickup to tow the Cardinal travel trailer. My problem lies in the fact I am not sure I can go through the shopping experience again. Dealing with the salesman while shopping for the Cardinal almost caused me to have a nervous breakdown (not trying to be funny, I think I came close).

I have a larger disdain for salesmen than any rational (maybe that says it all) person should have. What they say and what I say is really not what I am hearing or saying. My mind really processes if differently.

Here is a typical car lot experience.
What is said what my mind thinks.

I drive up in my 10year old vehicle that I have owned for ten years and park away from the salesmen you can always spot them by the cloud of cigarette smoke coming from one corner of the building.

As I walk across the lot, up drives a slick salesman in a golf cart too damned lazy to walk.

Hello Sir, Can I help you today ? why is it always my turn at a customer when one shows up should be down at the "buy here-pay here lot", it is obvious from that clunker that he is driving he has no pot or a window

Just looking, and why do I always get stuck with one of these salesmen

Were you looking to purchase a new car today ? if not, why am I wasting my time with you

I want to look at your 3/4 ton trucks. and no I am not buying today, but need to get your best price so I can compare

Sure they are right down here . I think they are this way, I never sell anything but 1/2 ton 4wheel drive pickups

I'm looking for a 4 door 2wheel drive diesel surely even you can spot the "one " that is not a mile high in the air and has a big CUMMINS emblem on it

Sure you don't want a 4wheel drive, I can sell you one as cheap as a 2wheel drive. I make more profit off the 4wheel drives, plus if I sell the only 2wheel drive we stock, we will have to order another one

No, I need a 2wheel drive. if you can sell me a 4wheel drive for the same price then you are OVER charging me for the 2wheel drive

Would you like to buy it today? I have ALREADY wasted ALMOST ten minutes on you

I am just pricing today and see if you have the options I need. I have already told you once I am not buying today

Would you buy today if I get you the right price? I can make a killing if you take my first offer, and I need to sell you a truck so I can get back to smoking and swapping tales about the last sucker I hooked

I am just shopping today. haven't I said that before, are you frigging hard of hearing

The boss says to not worry about profit, we sell on volume. this hayseed will believe anything

that statement is so absurd, reminds me of the two guys that bought a pickup load of watermelons for $1 and sold them for $1, at the end of the day said, "we didn't make anything, maybe we need a bigger truck"

How about I take your credit app and we can get your payment amount locked in. I have spent 12 minutes with you fellow, ***t or get off the pot

I have told you I am not buying today. HELL NO, I am not buying today and not from you

Does this truck have the "trailer towing package"? I know the answer but lets see what you say

Let me check, yes it does I see a rear bumper so it must have what ever you are asking about and these diesels will tow anything you hook to it.

Really? my trailer will max out the towing capacity Just need to find something to tow my 14,000 lbs. trailer that will last.

These Cummins will last a million miles, they are the same as in 18wheelers. a Cummins is a Cummins

This idiot hasn't got a clue, this is not even close to the Cummins in a big rig

And so it goes.

ps. This is Squire's wife, after reading this, I can say this is how he feels about ANY salesman. I hate to even shop with him for shoes. It probably doesn't help any that he used to have his own car lot.


Linda said...

Great post and with an end I didn't see coming!

Anonymous said...

Once, when we were needing to buy a new car my husband told me to go do the "leg work" you know, look around, get prices, etc. After I see what I like he would then go with me to buy it. Well, this salesman had to gall to tell me to bring my husband back before he would help me find a car. Yeah, he didn't get the deal, we went down the road about a mile and we bought the car I wanted which I had seen on the pompous dude salesman's lot. His loss for not thinking of me as a serious customer without my husband.

Great rant, I think many people can relate to this. I also like your wifes input..cute!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh i love that. My husband hates going to car lots because he is just looking most of the time. Most of the time they never answer his questions right anyways.
Yup i love your wife's answer too.

Annie said...

Your wife caps it - no wonder you don't believe what they say since you likely can read them like open books. You've been there (have you done that?). Anyway, it's time for you to buy on-line, maybe.

Kerri said...

Chuckling about your wife's P.S. She's got your number :)
Nice new truck. Ross says it would do him!
I see you've been busy!
I had some trouble with Blogger publishing my latest post, but finally got it done.
You'll be a bit closer to us next week. Have fun in PA.


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