Saturday, March 08, 2014

I wish her the best

      I first saw her about two weeks ago parking in a small parking lot connected to the local Wal-Mart. The lot appeared to have been built in hopes of a small business locating there but it never happened and now people living in vehicles use it without being hassled
     Three days later she had not moved. It was a warm day and she had the sliding door of her mid 90's Dodge  (with Florida tags) mini van open and sitting just inside. She appeared to be in her 60's.

     I bought a Jr. Whopper and fries and placed the change from a $5 bill in the sack and parked where she could see me approaching her. As I neared the van, she closed the door leaving about a 5 inch opening. I made eye contact when I stopped about six feet from the van. She had a scared look in her eyes and was lightly moving her head side to side. I said "please" and gently placed the bag on the van floor through the small opening as she moved out of my sight to the rear of the van. As I moved back and entered my truck I was seated high enough to she her opening a purse to put the money in it.

     It turned colder for several nights with the temps in the mid 30's and I continued to worry about her. On our next Wal-Mart trip I bought her a few items that could be eaten with no preparation, maybe not the healthiest but food is food. Crackers, tuna in pouches, viennas, chicken in a pull top can (like tuna), a jar of peanut butter, banana and some snacks.

     Her van had been moved but was parked in almost the same spot. It was still rather cool, so the door was closed. I stepped up to van and looked inside, she was not there. She had part of an old egg-crate mattress pad, blankets, emergency blanket (looks like thick aluminum foil), styrofoam coffee cups on the dash, and in general disarray of living in a van.

     Two days later I again tried to delivery the supplies. The van was in the exact spot as before but when I approached the van I noticed nothing on the dash. When I looked inside, the van had been completely cleaned out, no trash or anything left.  I checked and the Florida tags had been removed.

     I can only assume someone came and picked her up and pulled the tags. I just hope she is now warm of body, heart and mind.


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