Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Off my meds!

     I am VERY proud of my wife, she has lost over 50% of her body weight. That is not a typo = fifty per cent.

     I on the other hand have only lost 20% of my body weight. I am a type 2 diabetic  and taking blood pressure meds. My doctor took me off all my meds and told me to monitor my blood sugar and blood pressure and only take meds when and if my vitals dictated them. With my A1C @ 5.2, the doc said my diabetes is in remission.

    That was a month ago and my numbers are still inline with no meds being taken.

     Losing weight is like saving money, only in reverse. Take in less food than your body needs and you weight has to drop. To save money, put I more than you take out.

     We all know the formula, we just have to have the disciple to follow it.


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