Monday, June 25, 2018


Sunday afternoon a tree came crashing thru our bedroom ceiling.
No one was hurt but it is not looking good for our beloved Cardinal.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

My Dream Pickup Truck

If money were no object and I could spend any amount on a pickup.
     A new Super Duty Expended Cab Diesel... NOPE
     A new Ram Diesel... NADA
     A new Chevrolet.... HELL NO
     How about a new Toyota..... DON'T EVEN GO THERE

If money were no object I would BUY an honest truck.

A fully restored "Plain Jane" (bright grill and no other chrome) 1974 Ford F250 4x4, straight 300 I6, granny 4 speed, vinyl seat, rubber floor mat, power steering, power brakes, and a/c. Factory original including single stage paint (no clear coat crap). Heavy duty rear bumper (with dealers name and city stamped in it). Crank up windows and for all I care you can leave out the radio.


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