Thursday, June 21, 2012

Paris, Tn.

Not trying to take the thunder from

Paris, Tennessee and their smaller version of the Effiel Tower,

   but nothing is like the real one in Paris, France.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Union City, Tn.

Union City is a town of about 11,000 in northwest Tennessee and not what you would call a "destination" but more of a pass thru sort of place. Well that will change in the fall of 2013, but first a look around town.

Union City is the county seat for Obion county and has a rather nice courthouse.      

This statue at the courthouse honors Congressman Robert A. "Fats" Everett. No, I never heard of him but liked the saying on the statue "If a man don't want to work, he hadn't ought to hire out". A simple concept that is lost on a lot of people.

This beautiful church with copper colored dome was just off the courthouse square.

This is the county museum and this is what I previously mentioned that was going to transmit Union City into a destination. The museum is presently closed and everything is being cataloged because they are building a new 50 acre $60,000,000 show place. I had to type the number because "sixty million" written just doesn't have the same impact. Remember this is a small town of only 11,000 people. There are also several large warehouses around town used for collecting objects for the new place. Eleven log building are also to be moved.

This photo shows most of the 50 acre site and the impressive tower.

A nice closer photo.

OK, now the "sixty million question", "Where did the money come from?".

Well it certainly wasn't Goodyear Tire and Rubber that closed its plant last year taking the 1800 jobs with it and the distinction of being the only plant licenced to build the tires for the new Chevrolet Corvettes.

Discovery Park of America is being funded by Robert and Jenny Kirkland. Not familiar with those names, how about Kirkland Home Decor Stores.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tunica, Ms.

Robinsonville, in Tunica county Mississippi is a casino mecca just south of Memphis, Tn. that we have visited for many years and I can say there were fewer people than I have ever seen. It wasn't a ghost town but I think several casinos may not last much longer.

Sam's Town RV Park is closed for renovations after flooding destroyed it. Hollywood RV Park raised their prices $5 but you can bet they will lower them when Sam's Town opens back up.

Occupancy of Hollywood RV park was about 20% and their park rv park office wasn't even manned. You had to go to the hotel to check in. These two park used to be 80-100% full.

We stayed three nights, did our laundry, donated very little money and moved on.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Itchy feet

We plan to head east on Monday as we have been in Arkansas nearly four months. Plan to be in State College, Pa. by summers end. Way too long since I hugged my hairy-legged boy.

Yesterday I took every thing out of the pickup bed, washed it, and rearranged things. Can't say I helped it but I am satisfied with it for now.

Today I changed the anode rod in our hot water heater. It really didn't have to changed but I have been carrying the new one since Fresno, California and just decided to change it. You have to remove it to check it so might as well replace it since it only costs less than $20 and besides if I carry it much longer I will probably loose it anyway. One less thing to worry about.

The weather has been fabulous here. Almost chilly outside at night in a lawn chair with the wind blowing off the river. We have really enjoyed Toad Suck Park. The normal 14 night stay at C.O.E. parks can be extended another 14 nights upon request if the park is not busy.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Busy Week

We made the trip to Fordyce to buy tags for our pickup and my small dual-purpose motorcycle that I have in storage.

Mission accomplished and we travel on to Shrevesport, La. with b-i-l and s-i-l for a little time at a casino. It made for a very long 400+ mile day. It really turned out to be a little more than I needed. After riding in the back of a car and not sleeping in my own bed, I was worn out.

We had a great time as always with b-i-l and s-i-l and as an added bonus, I rode my motorcycle enough to exercise it.

The wife has an appointment to get "kinky" on Wednesday so that will require another road trip. Why do they call them "permanents" when they are so temporary?

After that we are free to roam.

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