Monday, May 15, 2006

I was fired today

Yes, canned. About 10 am my cell phone rang and I was told my services would not longer be needed.

I work for Coleman Dairy and our bitter enemy has been Hiland Dairy. They merged in order to better screw our customers. Still being run as separate companies to hide the fact.

After the merger my run was cut but Hiland had a driver fall out of his truck and I have been running his run. "Sleeping with the enemy". He will be back tomorrow and I can go back to working for Coleman.

Still don't know what I will be running but it doesn't really matter. I will be 58 next Monday, so I need to work at least 18 months.

My boss is the best and he will work with me to come up with something I can live with.

The Hiland run has been a piece of cake and I hate to see it end but it lasted a week longer that I expected.

If your raw milk all comes from the same area, there is only a small taste difference in the taste from one dairy plant to another. The grasses the cows eat is what determines the taste.

Even though Coleman and Hiland are only 200 miles apart, they get their milk from different regions. Coleman receives its milk from the "southwest" (Texas and New Mexico) and Hiland from the "midwest"(Kansas and Nebraska) and the milk truely tastes different because of the grasses. If you like one you will find the other one "off flavor".

When the smoke clears both dairies will produce milk under both names so loyal customers will have no idea what is going on.

Don't you just love big business?


Lady Prism said...


Things will soon turn uphill for you!!..and hi to Judy!

grannyfiddler said...

is it your birthday?

many blessings, O Reaching Retirement Rover, on your employment situation, and on your future.


and many happy returns.

mreddie said...

That is the case with so many corporations today. I read that only one or two companies actually make microwave ovens and just put different names on them. Never thought about how different kinds of grass would make the milk taste different. ec

TUFFENUF said...

Go back and read your May 4th post again. Then just walk away. You don't need the stress.

Kerri said...

So you are a milk truck driver? We used to enjoy seeing our driver every day :)
I think today is your 58th birthday (May 22nd). Is that right? I hope you have a wonderful birthday. My hubby was 58 yesterday. Thanks for visiting! I'm sorry you lost your dad at such a young age. That must've been really hard.
I love the way you look at life and have enjoyed catching up on your posts. How nice of you to add me to your links. I'll add your link on my blog too.


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