Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Night run

I'm off to Indianola, Ms. in about 15 minutes. I was thru there once over 20 years ago so it will be new to me from Greenville, Ms.

It will be my regular Wednesday night run for awhile. It has been leaving Little Rock at 4am put for some reason this week we have to leave at 1am. That sucks.

It takes a time or two on a run to find a place to park a big rig when an interesting place is spotted. Can't just pull a 63 ft. rig in a small parking lot.

I'm sure I will find something out of the ordinary, after all it is Mississippi.


Linda said...

Guess you can't just lean out the window like I do!

Gary said...

I notice some milk tastes a little sweeter than other milk. I guess, as you said, it's because the cows have been eating different grass.

You have a nice blog. Thanks for stopping by mine and commenting.


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