Saturday, May 13, 2006

Kid's day

Just arrived home from UofA graduation where my son received his 2nd Masters degree. His first was in Economics and this one was in French.

After teaching for a year in Le Mans, France he will pursue his PhD in French.

Not much time to celebrate as he had be at work at 5:30. While working on his Masters he has taught under-graduate French and worked at Home Depot.

I tease him about not being able to go from college to drawing his SS.

I am very proud of "my little man". No son could offer more pleasure to his dad than mine has.

I love you Zachary


Lady Prism said...

how wonderful! eldest son ( I have two) going off to college...the best one there is in my country...I'm so proud he made it there....I hope he makes something of himself the way your son obviously has...

Kerri said...

Congratulations to Zachary. He's done very well! What a nice dad you are :)


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