Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May 22

I was born on May 22, 1948. So yesterday was my 58th birthday. I am in "great shape for the shape I'm in".
At 58, I am a year older than my dad when he died.

A to Z things about my life.

A= Army, served in the VN era.
B= boring, I offen am.
C=child, I have one.
D= dad, never really knew him. Died when I was 11
E=everyday, I try to learn something.
F=funny, but looks aren't everything.
G=Gurdon, Ar. where I graduated HS.
H=humor, I try to find a little everyday.
I=interracial, I do not believe in.
J=Judy, that's my wife.
K=kindness, show some.
L=love, great to have but even better to give.
M= mom, I had the greatest.
N=no, never take it for the answer if you do not believe.
O=open minded, sorry that's not my strong suit.
P=people, I love to talk to.
Q=quantom physics, hell I don't know what that is.
R=retire, sounds great to me.
S=Sam, that be me.
T=trucks, what I drive.
U=understand, I often don't.
V=Vivian, the only sibling I have left.
W=war, we shouldn't be in this one.
X=marks the spot, I seldom hit it.
Y=youth, wasted on the young.
Z=Zachary, my son, none better.

I tried not to think ( I know it shows), but say the first thing that came to me.


Gary said...

You don't sound boring to me.

Linda said...

great idea for a post

TUFFENUF said...

Happy Birthday! My father died young (58) and I am in better health than he was, but our family has heart disease on both sides. When my father passed, they didn't have the angioplasty that saved my life a couple of years ago. 100 years from now, there may be a cure for all diseases thru rapidly improving medical technology.


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