Wednesday, July 12, 2006

BIG HEAD, I'm a star!

Our friends we went to see in Ws. took us to Hayward, Ws. to see this outlandish place. Words can not describe the grounds of the museum.

This fiberglass fish is 143 feet long and 45 feet high.

You can walk up the stairs inside and stand in its mouth and have a great view.

While I was standing in the mouth I was interviewed Jim Seida of Here is the link to the interview then click on "roadside attractions", when the map comes up, you click on the arrow that is in the upper right side. That will take you to the interview. I hope you can get it to play. My son can hear it fine but for some reason it will not play for us.

I have used "the bobbers" and the "fawns" but will show the inside of the museum when I have more time.
I promise not to stick my nose too high in the air, but this might cause it to tilt just a little.


Linda said...

I think I know you by your accent. Good job

Anonymous said...

I was not able to hear the audio on either of my computers. Too bad, but I did see your name in the credits though. I'm sure what you had to say was worthwhile, I just wish I could have heard it.

And that is a big fish!

Carole Burant said...

Ooooooh can I have your autograph Mr. Squire?????? Unfortunately the audio wouldn't play for me...rats! Anyway, what a big fish...who thinks up of those things eh? lol

squire said...

Sorry PEA, I have obtained an agent who said I can no longer "give" autographs. Negiotions are ongoing as to the price of said autograph.

I had to update my "audio" to hear it.

Kerri said...

Congratulations Star! I hope you'll still dain to write your thoughts down for us mere mortals :)
I haven't tried to hear the interview yet, but will have a go. I doubt it'll work for me because of our dial-up connection. A lot of things don't work for me!!

Kerri said...

Whoops! Once I looked at the word 'deign', I knew that wasn't the correct now I've corrected it!

Gary said...

You look like Jonah in the whale. :)

Michelle said...

Is that a giant barracuda??

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

Hey Big Star...I couldn't get the link to play for me, but I hope you don't get the BIG HEAD and stop writing.

That's a heck of a large fish!

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