Saturday, July 08, 2006

Car update

Part 1
The e-bay add reads:

This is a 1985 Pontiac Fiero SE. It has a 2.8 liter V-6 with a 4 speed transmission. It is a rust free southern car. The Fiero runs and drives good. Car has new 16 inch tires. New holley carb. It has a new Acell distributor plugs and wires. The body is straight with no major dings or dents. The interior is in great shape for its age. Odometer shows 85000 miles but could be 185000 I am not sure. Things that need attention are as follows. Paint is dull could use buffing or repainted. Parking brake cable is broke. AC is not working all hooked up just not working. Engine has minor leaks due to age. Clutch safety switch only works part of the time. This would make a great first car, or a good project car. Very light and Quick. Ask any questions before bidding as I may have missed a detail important to you. Happy Bidding.

Runs good, drives good, and new tires. Since I want a project and it is close enough to drive home, I bid on it and win.
We agree I can pick it up on the 4th and it just happens to be one of our cooler days ( no a/c, remember ).

I round the corner and think, " I have seen this car on TV". You know the commercial where they pull the most oxidized and dull car they can find in the junk yard and proceed to demonstrate their Super Duper best ever car polish on a spot and the spot looks better than new. This car has as much shine as concrete.

Upon closer inspection I was disappointed to discover this was not the TV car because it did not have any shiney spots.

Everything was as stated in the add. Just didn't expect it to be quite this dull. I think I can bring the paint back enough to make a daily driver. The inside is very nice for its age. This is after all just something to keep me busy.
Did I ever tell you "that sleep is way over rated".
So with the drivers side window already down, I hit the switch on the console and lower the passenger side window and off we go.
It starts to rain on the way home and I raise the passenger window but leave mine down.

I can't believe how well it runs, drives and rides. We make it home without any problems and the rain has stopped for now.
BTW, it has a remote starter switch to start it because the key does not always crank it.
For not much more than the price of the new parts , it seems like an OK deal. Anything that run is worth what I paid and the fact that it is cute is just a bonus. I can't wait to start tinkering on it.

Part 2= Just too funny

For this part you have to know a little something about me.

I'm a "car guy", been a car guy all my life. For over 25 year I lived and breathed automobiles. Even though I have not made a living turning wrenches for nearly 20 years. I have in the past worked for a Ford dealership, an independent garage, and owned a service station and shop. So I know my way around a tool box.

Now the story.

Upon arriving home I hit the button for the drivers window and nothing happens. The other one works fine. So I do what any red-blooded male would do. I hit the button even harder ( that never works, so why do we do it), nothing.

Has to be the switch. So I take apart the console and find there is not even a connector plug on the button. I take the plug off the other button and attach the wires ( after I expose the ends) to it and still nothing.

Thinking the very worst of the man I bought the car from I proceed to look at the ad on e-bay again. Sure enough the window in the add is rolled up.

I call to ask how this could be and received his voice mail. Being a kind and gentle person ( a little sarcasm here) I just said we made it home alright and thanked him again.
I really need to get the window up as rain is moving our way. I try pulling on the window thanking it might be off its track. Nada.

The only way to raise it is to take off the door panel and do it manually. GM handles are held on with a C clip. Very easy to remove with a little tool that just happens to be with most of my tools in a storage building 60 miles south. Hey, before I had that tool I have been known to use a screw driver to do the job but you run the risk of damaging the door panel.

Still it has to be done. The rain is starting slowly but surely. I try taking the retaining screws off the door panel hoping to gain enough room without having to take off the handle. Then I notice that the panel has not been off from the top. Still wondering how this guy could have pulled off getting the window open. So the only access will have to be made from the bottom of the panel and that means the handle "will" have to come off. I try turning it hoping to get a better position to remove the C-clip.

Damn, the window moved. Yes the drivers side door

has a manual crank. I have never felt so stupid in my life. When I told Judy she said the expression on my face was priceless. Nearly a week later and she is still laughing about it.


Anonymous said...

That is a great story - too funny to pass up, even if it might have been a little embarassing to tell!

I've never seen a vehicle with a power passenger window and crank drivers window. I guess I'll have to be more observant in the future.

squire said...

my guess is the door has been changed.

Carole Burant said...

I'm not laughing...honest!! lololololol Ok so I am, a bit...ok lots!! lol Great story, and just goes to show how easily we can miss something. Glad you're satisfied with the car though...always worried when it's bought from e-bay!

Annie said...

Congratulations. You got a car to play with AND some good stories to tell. I enjoyed your post today.

squire said...

Thanks for the comment Annie. I know "car stuff" boars a lot of women buy every ones likes it when I goof up. I started a blog for my car as not to make this blog one dimensional.

Kerri said...

I like a person who can laugh at himself :) Can't we all do some stupid things sometimes!! That little Fiero sounds great. My husband has been reading your blog and loving it. He never comments, but he tells me about your antics and has a good laugh.
I've enjoyed catching up with your posts. Interesting reading :) Love that red truck!
'Into the Wild' sounds like a good book. Since beginning blogging I rarely seem to have time to read a book these days, but I'm reading one at the moment..'The Testament' by John Grisham. I really like his writing.

Wildside Musing said...

That's too funny! About the windows...

When hubby and I went to buy our car to share I said wanted one without a/c and insisted on hand crank windows -- but those low-tech items weren't options so I had to settle for high-tech comfort instead. Takes some getting use to. But then, I'm not in the car a whole lot, so why should I worry about it?!


Gary said...

Sounds like a fun project for you. I love having a project. It really gets the juices flowing.

Linda said...

Great story--One time I had a substitute on the route that had a mechanical window stop in the up position half way through the route and had to open the door to deliver each box the rest of the day! I agree with wildside musings--no high tech.


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