Saturday, July 08, 2006


Yesterday as I was leaving town I spotted a man on the frontage road walking beside a grocery shopping cart. He was walking beside it because the cart had a very large plastic bag ( large as in sofa or mattress type) filled with aluminum cans. The bag was sticking off of the cart over the head of the man. The only way it was staying in the cart at all was the fact the man was keeping it from falling out.

The funny part was he was just walking beside and not actually pushing the cart even though he was heading up a hill. The had 3 large mongrel dogs leashed to the cart doing the pulling. Doesn't sound nearly as funny as seeing it.

p.s. Did I ever tell you I think long legs, short skirts and convertible Miatas are a great combo? Thanks to the honey in the red one. Nice


Carole Burant said...

Lol not something you see every day! One time I was at the park and this man arrived with his dog...the dog had on a hat, a pair of sunglasses and was carrying the picnic basket in his mouth!!

Michelle said...

OOoooo, lovely photo :o)

squire said...

thanks Michelle, It's on the grounds of Oaklawn Park. The horse track in Hots Springs, Ar.

Annie said...

I hope those dogs were happy doing that work. If they were bred for pulling, they were probably in doggy heaven.

I thought that picture looked like a familiar place. Very nice.

So did you see the pretty woman while you were driving your truck? I didn't realize what a great bird's eye view truck drivers have inside cars, even hard topped cars, until I was in a bus one time looking out the window.

squire said...

Yes , I saw her while we were stuck in traffic. She was right beside me for the longest. I didn't want to look but somesone has to. hehe


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