Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Don't leave home without it"

That was a very popular catch phrase for a credit card. It started me to thinking and you know how dangerous that can be.

What we "don't leave home without" or more simply, what we always have with us really defines who we are.

I have been carrying something in my front pocket for over 35 years. Seven days a week in my front pocket no matter what I am wearing. If it has a front pocket then I am carrying it, no exceptions. It is just part of who I am.

When I first started working on cars, they all have points and condensers. For you youngsters, that was how the spark plugs received their spark. There never seems to be a uniform size for the nut on the point set. Not just a difference in car makes but also in difference brands of the points. They made a kit that had 5 various size small wrenches to fit the nuts. Way to much trouble to carry around all day.

I wanted something I could have in my pocket without having to go to my tool box all the time.

I bought a 4 inch CRESCENT wrench. I capitalized CRESCENT because that is the brand name and not the
nomenclature of it. Ask some to borrow an "adjustable wrench" and they might not know what you are talking about but ask for a "crescent wrench" and everyone knows. The CRESCENT is the standard all others are judged by.
I lost the first wrench and my son (then very young) gave me another as a present. My original wrench appeared again and I can't honestly say which of the 2 that I now carry. Either way this tool has been in my pocket for 25 (the present) or 35 (my original) years.

These photos show the size of this little tool. It's not a "toy tool" that some carry but a serious mechanics tool.

I can't say that in 35 years this CRESCENT has saved my life but it has saved me from walking numerous times. I seldom go a week without using it for something.
I can use it on a nut up 1/2 inch, as a small hammer ( many a jar lid have been picked into submission), and as a tool for forming shapes in plyable materials. I have used it to shape coat hangers to unlock doors more times than I can count.
A sharp angle can be formed in something by putting it in the "jaws" and bending. Passing it thru the round hole in the other end and bends can be made in the middle.
This tool is just who I am.
When they but me 6 feet under, I hope this little CRESCENT goes with me. If I decide I don't like it down there then I know "me and my CRESCENT" can get out. I know that will not be the case. I know my son with have to keep it because " this is my dad".


Linda said...


Carole Burant said...

What a lovely story...sometimes the simplest thing can mean so much to us and I love the fact that you've always carried it in your pocket all these years!!

Kerri said...

I share Pea's sentiments. I like the way you write about the simple things in life...and share these little parts of your life with us. Thanks....your posts are always good food for thought.

squire said...

Kerri when one is as "simple" as I, then that is about all I can write about.

TUFFENUF said...

That's a cool story. Reminds me that once I gave a inexpensive pocket knife (the multi purpose kind) to all my fellow workers as a Christmas present. One of guys got stranded with car trouble and he used the knife to fix his car. So, good thing he had it. I am a freak about having tools with me just in case, but some people never carry anything!

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

I love to read your stories and this one is a little different because of the crescent wrench...most men carry pocket knives for years, but you are the first I've heard with a very tiny wrench. And I bet it comes in handy.

I also thought it was very nice of your son to replace your wrench for you...he knew how much it meant to you and now it even means so much more because of your son's gift.

Anonymous said...

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