Thursday, July 20, 2006

T-bucket day

I often see several motorcycles or streetrods traveling together as a group. Wednesday in about an hour driving time I saw 3 T-buckets.

For those who don't know. A T-bucket is a hotrod loosely based on a Model T Ford roadster.

All 3 T-buckets were on trailers. They were not traveling together as they were over 25 miles apart. I did not see any other streetrods on the road Wednesday.

I can only guess there was some type T-bucket meet somewhere. I have attended several streetrod meets over the years but never have I seen an all T-bucket meet before.


Annie said...

Cool. I like looking at them but wouldn't want to own one. It'd just be one more thing to take care of.

Gary said...

I would love to start going to antique car shows. Now that you have reminded me of them I think I will make it a point to watch for them. I have only been to one and I really enjoyed it.

Michelle said...

Heh, i would love to rock up to work in one of those...park it right next door to one of our judges, and watch for the expression!

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

I've never seen a T-bucket, but I have seen 2 dunebuggies on the road in the last 2 weeks.

Usually on Friday nights at Dairy Queen old cars get together in the parking lot. It's probably once a month that they do this and the cars are really neat looking. I enjoy seeing these and I will look for a T-bucket the next time I see the cars gathering.

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