Thursday, July 20, 2006

T-bucket day

I often see several motorcycles or streetrods traveling together as a group. Wednesday in about an hour driving time I saw 3 T-buckets.

For those who don't know. A T-bucket is a hotrod loosely based on a Model T Ford roadster.

All 3 T-buckets were on trailers. They were not traveling together as they were over 25 miles apart. I did not see any other streetrods on the road Wednesday.

I can only guess there was some type T-bucket meet somewhere. I have attended several streetrod meets over the years but never have I seen an all T-bucket meet before.


Annie said...

Cool. I like looking at them but wouldn't want to own one. It'd just be one more thing to take care of.

Gary said...

I would love to start going to antique car shows. Now that you have reminded me of them I think I will make it a point to watch for them. I have only been to one and I really enjoyed it.

Michelle said...

Heh, i would love to rock up to work in one of those...park it right next door to one of our judges, and watch for the expression!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I've never seen a T-bucket, but I have seen 2 dunebuggies on the road in the last 2 weeks.

Usually on Friday nights at Dairy Queen old cars get together in the parking lot. It's probably once a month that they do this and the cars are really neat looking. I enjoy seeing these and I will look for a T-bucket the next time I see the cars gathering.

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