Friday, February 09, 2007

Computer desk

I ordered 3 doors from the rv factory for the computer desk I plan to build. These will match the doors you see in the picture and were cheaper than buying doors locally that would not be a perfect match.

The doors came with hardware but when I opened the box, they had forgotten to include the handle escutcheons ( backing plate ). A call this morning and they are now on their way.
The desk will be taller than a normal desk as I want to place our printer in a drawer over a file cabinet drawer. That will require the desk top to be almost as tall as the counter top but I can place the keyboard and mouse on a pull out tray that will be lower. All in all I think I can make it look alright.
Can't say I am thrilled with the dealership but the factory parts department is just great .

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Your RV just looks sensational. I am amazed at the detail they put into RV's these days.....incredible :o)


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