Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gaylord boxes

The large cardboard boxes you have seen sitting around (for instance, with watermelons in them at Wal-Mart) are called "gaylord boxes".

They come in several sizes and when they are empty they can be "broken down" for easy reuse or disposal.

While delivering 16,000 pounds of 40% cream to the Fayetteville plant that makes SWANSON tv dinners, I noticed several gaylord boxes. They were about 3ft x 4ft x 3ft. That ends up a little less than 35 cu.ft. after you deduct for the corners that do not extend to a 90* angle.

Inside was 1100 pounds of "macaroni". I just never thought of macaroni weighing that much. The powder for the cheese sauce was on another pallet.

Another surprise was a box of ground black pepper. The box was about 16in x 16in x 12in. Not very large at all, but it contained 50 pounds.

I am often amazed at the things I notice about manufacturing plants I deliver to.


Annie said...

Hi Squire,

Those gaylord boxes don't have bottoms in them, do they? Aren't they just put down on pallets? I'm going to have to look at one more closely next time I'm in the store.

Thanks for the info. They are so full of character maybe I can take a black and white photo of one :)

Tea said...

Wow, that`s a lot of weight in food! It is interesting how things are packed and carted around. Something that most really don`t think about. Same as how food is prepared and packaged. I think there`s a lot we wouldn`t eat if we actually knew how it was made! Thanks for visiting my blog :)


squire said...

Gaylord boxes come with bottoms and lids. Not sure the open bottoms one are called Gaylord.


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