Saturday, February 10, 2007


Thru the years I have often been asked about my ability with make or repair things. I have NO special talents just a willingness to do things for myself.

My dad (born 1902) was a blacksmith and a carpenter among other things and my mom could do almost anything (yes, I'm a mama's boy).

All my siblings received that "can do" ability. Our genes has a lot to do with it , plus the fact that we simply could not pay someone to do things that we could do ourselves.

The things I do may not have the factory-made beauty but most will outlast things that are built to turn as much profit as possible.

Everyone has that inner desire to accomplish things for themselves.
Say you can't cook, make, or repair things. That is poppycock. Working with your hands is the most natural thing that one does. Fear is what holds most people back. Heck, I have messed up more things than I care to admit.

In its simplest form, my generation was defined by a womans ability to make biscuits and a mans ability to keep their old worn out car running.
Ask any man my age about his wife and he will tell you about her biscuits.
We all want our children to be more successful than we are. Lets just hope that means more than just a larger bank account. Money takes away our self-worth to some degree.

Moms spend some time in the kitchen with your children and dads do the same in the workshop. This can mean grandparents as well. I did not differentiate genders because there should be none.


Anvilcloud said...

Ask any man my age about his wife and he will tell you about her biscuits.

Ah, so that's what you call them down there?! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Squire, I like how you think. Down home thinking. I grew up Amish, (I don't mention it on my blog as I don't want people to google search that word and find me. My community would disapprove of my blogging.) Anyway because of the culture I come from I can really relate to this post. People don't teach their kids, kids don't want to learn and what do we have? A whole culture of people who can't do a thing for themselves. I love that I grew up learning the things I did....I just didn't enjoy that group of people much. Wonderful post...keep it up!

Kerri said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this subject Squire. You're right....where there's a will, there's a way. We should never be afraid to try, but alas, sometimes we are.
I can imagine how much you're looking forward to seeing Zac. Four weeks is not long to wait. I hope the weather will cooperate!
Your blog looks just the same to me. I'm finding that adding things with the new blogger is much easier. Not a whole lot of change other than that.
We're dealing with the snow OK because we're well equipped! We're pretty used to it up here.


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