Monday, February 05, 2007

Slower pace

I am REALLY ready for my life to slow down a little.

The holidays makes my work schedule very unpredictable.

Add to that trying to prepare to visit my son in France. No big deal for some people but I have never been to Europe and have not been on a plane since I was in the Army in the late 60's.

Income tax time is always stressful until I know what the bottom line is going to be.

Plus it has been a struggle getting our new travel trailer ordered. Even ordering new, we had to make some last minute (and unwanted) changes. We have no idea then it will actually be delivered. It could be a couple weeks before I leave for France (unlikely), days before I leave ( just my luck) , while I'm in France ( probable) or after I return. I know the wife would like to be in it before I leave.

Waiting on the doors I ordered from the rv factory to arrive so I can build a computer desk for said camper. I plan to have it ready to install in the camper.

May need a little dirt work done on our site to level the new travel trailer. Should be alright but until I actually park it on the lot I will not know.

At least Zac is helping with the planning of the trip and my plane ticket has been bought for a while.


Linda said...

Other than the taxes, it's a good kind of stress, isn't it? Travel, new home, exciting.

Anvilcloud said...

Hopefully, you'll be as happy as a clam for a long time once the dust settles.

Gary said...

My life is going so slow that sometines I think it is going backwards.

That trip to France sounds wonderful.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh i have to agree that trip to France sounds great other than the flying, I gave that up a long time ago. You will have fun tho. Is your wife going as well?


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