Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Well I finally changed over to the "new" blogger. Why the heck can't things just stay the same. Every time you get used to something , they change it for no apparent reason.

I know I didn't have to switch but was afraid that one day I could no longer access my blog.

Things seem pretty much the same on my end but don't know how it will affect those who check out my blog. Please leave a comment (if you can) if it seems different to you.

On another front. We still haven't heard anything on our camper. The annual rv show in Little Rock was this past weekend and I'm sure our salesman has been to busy with new customers to worry about someone that has already put a deposit on one.


Anonymous said...

Everything looks fine. When I switched I, too, was a bit flabbergasted, afraid things weren't going to be ok, but now since I am used to it I really like it. :)

Gary said...

I don't think it is all that different. Except I have to answer an extra question every time I go to comments. What's up with that?

Patience said...

I don't have any probs with the New Blogger, but there were some bugs for awhile, like everyone's previous posts being from Anonymous. But now . . . seems fine!

Michelle said...

Looking good :) Drives me crazy...if it isn't broke....

Lilli & Nevada said...

I just now switched so not sure, have you been having any problems?
Been trying to read your blog.


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