Monday, April 23, 2007

France - Church on the Hill

After walking what seemed like miles (because we actually walked miles) around the chateau we headed to a cafe and had pizza again.

The cafe had American 50's memorabilia and American license plates on the wall.

Then we caught the train and headed back to Paris. Our next destination was The Sacré-Coeur (the church on the hill).

The Sacré-Coeur district offers many spectacular views on Paris. Its village like streets and squares, its cafes and restaurants, its painters on the Place du Tertre attract many tourists.

But, as you walk a few meters away from the core tourist area, you discover very quiet and charming spots, quite unexpected in such a large city as Paris.

But first you must walk up the hill. Montmartre is the highest hill of Paris. 130 meters or about 426 feet above the city. The steps leading to the church are very steep and quite a challenge.

After you climb what seems like a thousand steps you have this view of Paris.

Turn around and you see you are only half way to the top. As I walked around the left side of the steps, I thought I was doing a pretty good job of climbing but I pigeon thought I was moving as fast as a statue and left a little something on my shoulder. So much for my speed.

Finally you are greeted with a magnificent church and the climb is soon forgotten.

Behind the church is very artsy and has the feel of a street fair.

Just off the square there are streets like.

With the steps and the cobblestone streets this is not for the physically challenged.


Anonymous said...

Squire, I have been stopping by and observing all your photos. They are truly remarkable! I just love some of those buildings and now I must go there one day and see it all in person. Thank you for sharing with us.

Are we going to get to read more about life in the RV and all your plans for that? When I first came on your blog that was what really intrigued me about your blog and I do hope you update sometime on the adventures of living in your RV.

Annie said...

But for right now, seeing Paris through your eyes is absolute joy. Thanks for all these photos and your essays too.

Kerri said...

Hello Squire! My husband visits your blog often so I've been catching glimpses of your wonderful photos, but haven't stopped for a good look and a comment. But here I am, finally.
You've done a great job of showing us the sights.
What a marvelous place!
Sounds like you had a great time with your son.
I sure would love to go to Paris!


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