Thursday, April 05, 2007

France - Hotel

After we exited the Metro we walked a few blocks to our hotel. Hostels are a cheap way spend the night overseas but since they charge by the person we found that a inexpensive hotel was just a few euros more and since we were staying two nights, it just seemed worth the extra money.The normal buildings are four stories plus what we could consider an attic.

A lot of the older hotels have showers and sinks in the room and you share a toilet, one being placed at each end of the hall. Our room was in the attic and therefore was the only room with a full bath. The shower and sink in one room and the commode in a small closet like room of its own ( much like modern rvs).

The "flush" handle on the commode came right thru the tank top.

The room has one twin bed and one queen bed. If 3 people share the room then it is less expensive than a hostel. Just to the left of the small white tv is an old antique armoire.

A small desk and table are round out the room.

This picture was taken out the window above the desk. If you enlarge it you can see Notre Dame.

"No rest for the weary", we hit the ground running and are off the see the sites of Paris.

Please be forewarned that the upcoming posts are not recommended for computers without insurance or viewing by small children as some may have photos containing the author.


Annie said...

It excites me to have this close-up view of a holiday in Paris. Thank you, Squire. I know you're excited too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how different their hotel room looks then what we are accustomed to! It looks and sounds like you have a lot of fun visiting with your son.

Looking forward to more stories and pictures.


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