Sunday, April 15, 2007

France - Food

After leaving Effiel Tower we headed over near a university to grab a bite to eat.

I didn't get any pictures that day but remembered the next time we went.

This is the menu and we had a panini. It is a sandwich made on a nice loaf shaped like a hotdog bun ( only a nice bread ) but about 16 inches long. The bread is opened and placed with the inside down on a griddle with a press on top and toasted. Then what ever you ordered is placed inside and the whole thing is then put in a two sided toaster press. It comes out warm and slightly crisp.

It is served in a 12 inch paper sleeve. On a cold Paris day, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Yes, it was that good.

These little crepe and panini stands are everywhere and they are all busy.

After this we headed to the Arch of Triumph but it was getting late and we decided dark would come to soon to enjoy it, so we headed to The Louvre.


Anonymous said...

The panini looks great. I doubt I'll be able to find anything like that around here, but when I was in the San Francisco Bay area recently, I noticed that panini sandwiches were all the rage!

Annie said...

Yum. When you want to have another panini, go to the Boulevard Bread Company in the River Market downtown. You'll be glad you did.

That photo really packed a punch, made me feel like I was there on that sidewalk ordering something warm. My French is poor so I would have had to point.


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