Sunday, April 08, 2007

France - Notre Dame

Zac knows Paris and the metro system very well and had mapped out an itinerary so we could visit the sights in an order that made the most efficient use of our limited time in Paris.

Notre Dame was the closest to our hotel so we headed over in the drizzling rain.

This picture shows how hard the wind was blowing by the ripples on the Seine River.

Notre Dame is even more impressive in person. We have all seen the pictures but one can not begin to realize how large it is until it is seen in person.

The stain-glass windows will take your breath away.

The inside is hard to photograph. Some of the photos are very dark but if you enlarge them you can see the details.

This model show just how large Notre Dame really is. The famous twin towers are the "short" side of this place.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What amazing photos! I really wish/hope to do some traveling and see some of these sites one day. Thank you for sharing.


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