Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My motorbike

I have ridden my motorbike to work everyday and it is averaging over 75mpg. Hard to call a 200cc a motorcycle even though it is . I had forgotten how one notices the smells and the temperature changes while on a cycle.

I changed the oil yesterday in anticipation of taking a little ride on Thursday but the boss called and asked if I wanted to work. You may recall the I will be working just every other Thursday for the summer. This was purely voluntary on my part as the runs that were cut for the summer was being run by one person and he would not have enough work.

Swapping with him every other Thursday (my shortest day) helped him but does not effect my paycheck greatly. Also I live less than 15 miles from work and he lives 60 miles, so if (like tomorrow) anything comes up the boss will throw it my way. When you help someone it usually pays dividends.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your posts and think others would too. I've linked your blog to our site. You can check it out at

Linda said...

I would certainly agree with your last statement, Squire.

Hannah Parkin said...

I think you're a very hard-working employee. You deserve a raise. LOL! Having a motorbike is very convenient. I've been thinking of getting another one for my son. We all share the same love and passion for motorbikes.


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