Tuesday, April 18, 2006

70mph wind

We all have seen the devastation caused by high winds. Yet, I see things beside the road that has been blow off vehicles. Driving 70mph is the same as standing in 70mph winds.

I see brand new mattresses still in the plastic destroyed by the highway on a nearly weekly basis. Today it was a high end dresser ( all wood ), it too appreared to be new.

Last week a suv had a round patio table tied to the roof rack when one side come loose. When I passed, the driver was trying to retie it after it have flipped off the side and one of the legs had went through the side window. ouch !!

The next time you see a sofa cushion on the side of the road, think about the person that lost it and not has an unusable sofa.

Maybe I should open a used cushion store from my finds. Instead of Hubcap Annies, it could be Roadkill Cushions. Maybe I could branch out and sell "slightly used ice chests".

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