Thursday, April 27, 2006

Trailer Trash

We have our motorhome parked in an older mobilehome park. There are only singlewides and a few long term rv spots. The park is beautiful park and very quiet. The owner lives in the park in a very nice home.

The road circles thru the park with no exit out the back. Only people that enter the park live here. We have speed bumps about every 75 feet that keep the speeds down.

The owner has the grounds mowed and the place always looks great. Our lot has a nice little wooden storage shed just off our concrete front patio.

This shed is where he keeps his lawn mowers and other tools.

This gazebo is beside his house.

Another picture of the tool shed.

and another

The street coming in the park. With lot rent, water & sewer, and electricity the total is about $300 a month. Grocery stores, banks, cleaners and a Wal-Mart Super Center are within walking distance.


Annie said...

Everything looks lovely there. Isn't Spring just the nicest season?

Nice blog.

Unknown said...

Where is it. GREAT BLOG


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