Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I love to talk to strangers and I often get the chance when I stop at a rest area. This week I spotted an old ambulance made into an rv. Body style like the one below with sheet metal screwed over the holes where the lights had been.

I walked over and talked to the couple. They were glad to show off the inside. At the back on the drivers side was a rv type commode with a closet opposite it. There was a rv stove and rv fridge. Also had a small house a/c unit. Since there was no shower, it didn't have a hot water heater but it did have a catalytic heater. No bed or chairs. They sit in fold up lawn chairs and used tv trays for a table. Moved those to the side and made a bed on the floor. Really a very nice little camper.

They were from Roswell, NM.

That same day on the way back I talked to nice lady ( I would guess in her late 50's) from Maine traveling in a conversion van. The same color as this one.

I knew it was a camper because it had a small gas grill propane bottle mounted on top the spare tire (tire was mounted on the other side) and a hose running to the inside. She was happy to show the inside. Behind the drivers seat was an Igloo 12 volt cooler, behind that a small cabinet, and cot with storage underneath. On the other wall in the rear was a cabinet holding a two burner stove and a small counter top.

She had been on the road for 4 months. Spent the winter in California. Mostly boondocking.

She said her job was slow in the winter so they were glad to have her draw unemployment and show back in April. This was her third year of vagabonding.

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Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

It's nice to talk to other people who are traveling and see where they're from and what their stories are. There are so many nice people out there enjoying their lives traveling.


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