Thursday, April 20, 2006

Keys to Life

Keys are something I can't seem to do without. In my left front pocket is a one key ring with eleven keys:
pick-up ignition
lock for tonneau cover
car ignition
car trunk
PO box
bike lock
shed lock
4 keys ? ( afraid to throw away)

Right front pocket I have two sets, one with 8 keys :
motorhome ignition
motorhome drivers door
motorhome house door deadbolt
motorhome house door
motorhome large storage doors
motorhome small storage doors
2 keys ?

one with 13 keys:
these are keys I use at work

Also in my briefcase I have another set with about 7 or 8 keys I also use at work.

Wouldn't be nice to return to the days when the keys were left in the car and who needed a lock on anything else.


Paul said...

In 1995 I moved from Kentucky to Texas. I hadn't seen a house key in ten years. I asked my married daughter if she still had a key and she did. I used it to make a copy and gave them to the realtor in order to sell the house.

Yes, the old days were the "good" old days.

By the way, we lived fulltime in our motorhome for two and a half years until we found our property and decided to put down some light roots. We still have the motorhome and plan on using it after I semi-retire -- hopefully next spring. We'll use the MH to be camps hosts, do volunteer work around the country and visit family for extended periods. The anticipation is building!

squire said...

We, too, hope to camp host and volunteer after I retire. Using this blog to get my feet wet in the world of bloging.
Thanks for you comments


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