Sunday, April 23, 2006

A raise in pay

If you look at my paycheck you would ask; where's the increase. Actually the increase did not come in the form of dollars and cents on my paycheck.

I drive 25 miles round trip to work and that uses about a gallon of gas in my little Chevy pickup. I have been working out of town for three weeks and driving the company car.

As gas nears $3 a gallon that is a $3 a day raise. Now wait a minute, that would be $3 off my take home pay. I think I have to make about $4.30 to receive that $3.

Since I don't work every day of the week I save driving my truck three times a week. $4.30x3=$13.20. Now you say $13.20 is pocket change. That is just gas money. I have saved 75 miles on my truck.

I think the present opinion call for about $.40 a mile (whitch is low). $.40x75=$30.

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