Sunday, June 25, 2006

An amazing story

While on my 1/2 day (7 hours) Saturday morning run, I was mulling over ( and you thought all truck drivers ever did was drive and check out the "seatcovers") what I wanted to post today.

I had a couple stories in mind but what I saw put those on the back-burner for I knew I had to tell this as it brought tears of sadness and joy to me.

I stopped for a Diet A&W rootbeer ( I have type 2 diabetes, well under control ) at my usual c-store with enough room to park my rig.

Several motorcycles were gassing up and I saw a young man with a prosthesis leg walking over to his motorcycle. I was amazed at his ability to ride with one leg missing at the knee.

I politely asked if he would be offended if I photographed him on his bike. He very pleasantly agreed and off to my truck I went to retrieve my camera.

As we chatted and and I took this photo, I asked if he would mind explaining how he lost his leg. Being that I estimated his age to be in his 30's, I figured he would tell of losing it in the war or perhaps since he was on a motorcycle, then maybe a m/c accident . The answer absolutely floored me.

He patted his left knee and said he had diabetes and had lost his leg to the disease 3 years ago.

Then he patted his right knee and said he had lost his right foot within the last year. He was waiting to be fitted with a prosthetic foot and was wearing what the called his "sock foot".

I was curious about how long he had been riding a m/c. Again the answer was not what I was expecting.

He had always wanted a m/c and after his kidney transplant 5 years ago ( he might have said "liver", but at this point my mind was on over-load), his wife wanted a m/c for herself and 1 year ago he took up riding for the first time and had recently purchased this bike for himself. He jokenly said, "I am high maintenance".

All to soon his friend was ready to go and off they went. If his story does not bring a tear to your eye, then you are truly "jaded". This young man is an inspiration to all.


Anonymous said...

It is truely amazing that some people suffer so many adversities in their life, while others seem to coast along with no bumps along the way. The fact that this young man is playing the unfortunate hand that he was dealt in such a robust manner is a testament to his fortitude.

Thank you for sharing this most touching story with us.

PS - if your half-day runs are seven hours, I can only imagine what a full day must entail!

Gary said...

Great story. It shows how much a person can tolerate and still be happy.

BTW, glad to hear you have your diabetes under control. Good for you.

Michelle said...

Wow, just incredible. Goes to show if you want something desperate enough, you can do anything :o)

Annie said...

Now that's inspiring. I was prepared to be inspired only by your story of regularly running for seven miles and then you proceeded to talk about the motorcyclist.

One more point of inspiration - your ability to strike up a conversation with a stranger and learn about them.

I bow before you.

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

Keep up the 7 mile runs...great to hear about that... and also that your diabetes is under control.

That motorcyclist has really endured a lot of hardships and with his health problems, if he didn't learn to ride now, he might not get the chance later.

That was a very inspiring story and makes me want to strive harder to attain my goals.

squire said...

Just a little confusion. My "run" is my trip in my truck. The 1/2 day (7hour) refers to a short work day for me.....Sam

Kerri said...

That really is a great story about an amazing person, who obviously knows how to roll with the punches (is that a saying, or did I just make that up? Yes, it is! My brain is tired!) I too am impressed with your ability to strike up a conversation with a stranger and learn a little about their life. you must be a very friendly person who inspires trust.
I love it when a perfect stranger chats with me as if I'm NOT a perfect stranger. That tells me this person likes people a lot :)
I appreciate you stopping by my blog so often. Wish I had more time to visit everyone. My dial-up is so slow!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this site
with me,what a great story.
As you know I am a amputee above
the knee, left leg. Anyway I was
in Jacksonville on Sunday, I was
walking to my car. I met this family with this little girl around
3 or 4 yrs old, and her mother said
look honey he has a leg like yours.
We spoke for a minute, then she was gone. I thought to myself now
I don't have any problems, I was
inspired by this little girl.
Thanks Sam.
"Danny Boy"

Suz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Suz said...

I am the cyclelist's wife, he is an inspiration to me aswell.Living with him has not only filled my heart with love but respect. He gave me what I needed to learn to ride, and I do it beside him with my head held high. Thankyou Sam for including him in on your site.

P.S. Anyone up for a RIDE?


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