Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm a reader

I have always enjoyed reading. I still can remember the excitement when I received my first "library card".

The thrill of knowing I could enter a small building and take home all the adventures a young boy could ever hope for was almost magical to me.

The school library offered little more than books I was expected to read. The city library offered a seemingly unlimited array of places to travel in my mind.

For those that have now already heard of the following site, please check it out.

I have received 8 books, mailed 23 ( 2 that I haven't received credits for ), have 16 credits ( until the last 2 are received ), and have 88 books on "my bookshelf. I have been a member since December of last year after hearing about it on NPR radio.

This is how it works:

1..List at least 9 or more books in the system to become an active member and receive 3 free credits to get you started trading. List as many books as possible to be more successful in trading.

2..Browse our online list of books posted by club members, and use your credits to order books.

3..Selected books are delivered right to your mailbox, for free!

4..When other members order books that you have listed, you mail them from your mailbox and you pay the postage (usually $1.59). Order a book and the owner of the book pays the postage to you.

5..You get one credit (good for one book) for every book you mail when it is received by the club member who requested it.

6..List as many books as you like. The more books you mail to other members, the more credits you'll receive.

Check it out. I may be something you want to use.


Michelle said...

My passion is reading, i'll reading anything! That sounds like a great service, i must go check it out. Loce those baskets of flowers...very pretty, looks like a nice place to sit and have coffee :o)

Annie said...

Squire, this reminds me a little of bookcrossing.com

Bookcrossing allows anyone to "release" their books to the world. I've released many but I haven't found any yet.

I'll look at paperback swap and will probably follow through - I love this way of giving - and maybe even getting.

Meanwhile, have you ever read anything by one of our own Arkansas authors, Don Harington. If not, please give him a try. He's a wonderful storyteller and his stories are situated right here in Arkansas.

squire said...

No Annie, I never have read anything by him, thanks for the "heads up". I will check him out.

Kerri said...

What a neat idea. I use our local library for all sorts of things..books, videos, DVD's, CD's. There really is something magical about a library. I love the smell of them too, don't you? My favorite sub job at school (elementary) is in the library, and they have a wonderful collection of books.
BTW, I meant to mention in my other comment that I too have type 2 diabetes..and it's under control, I'm happy to say.


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