Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Judy left me!

Dang, she called and said she would be back Saturday. She went to Branson ( do I really have to say Missouri ) on an annual trip with her sisters Linda, Jeanie, and brother Steve.

Steve has more courage than I. It would take a boat load of valium to put up with those three girls and Branson too.

Good luck brother-in-law, should I have a cold one waiting on your return?


Gary said...

I wish I was in Branson righr now. It is probably not as hot than Houston.

I love that photo.

squire said...

I took the photo in Birchwood,Wi. I thought it would be nice just to have something to post when my actual writing didn't need one. Thanks

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

I stayed in Branson one night while we were traveling, but I didn't get to see any shows. I was just passing thru.

Sometimes I'll just put up a picture of a flower or something for color that has nothing to do with my post...Just because I feel like it and it's my blog, and for no other reason.

Kerri said...

You're gonna get popped in the nose if those girls read this post :) Glad your wife came back!
It IS a nice picture. I'm trying to figure out what the planter used to be in its heyday.

squire said...

I thought the old wringer type washing machine was cute. I photoed it in Birchwood, Ws.


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