Thursday, June 29, 2006


When I stay at a motel I take several liberties that
some people may label me a thief.

I top my ice chest off (yes, I know what the sign says). Usually 2 and at the most 3 buckets of ice.

I take the shampoo with me even I did not open it, and sometimes the unopened bar of soap. I keep an unopened bar of soap in my briefcase that I carry in my big truck.

If the continental breakfast has fruit and muffins individually wrapped, I have been known the grab some for later. Can I count this as their cost of doing business or am I just a common thief trying to justify my actions?


Anonymous said...

Sam - I like that T shirt - very cool.

I say that stuff is the cost of doing business and probably charging too much for a room for a night. IMHO
John Calypso

Anonymous said...

Now I know who is taking all of the ice at the motels I stay at!

I asked the manager of a Holiday Inn Express substantially the same question, to which he replied, "If it is a consumable, rather than durable product, we expect it to be replaced for each new guest, and the cost is built in to the price of the room".

Linda said...

Wow, am I relieved. Common thief doesn't sound too good.

Kell said...

The extra muffins seem like a gray area to me - but the shampoo is definitely yours - and I couldn't care less about ice.

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

I asked a motel owner and he said his guests are welcomed to all the ice they want and the toiletries, muffins & fruit are included in the price already. Everything in your room including the toilet tissue and box of kleenix are paid for by you when you check in...even the trash bags.

I don't take this stuff, but they are already paid for.

No, you are not a common thief and that T-shirt is neat.


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