Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Keep my tax money!

Our only problem on the trip happened in Kansas City. We normally

stay in DAYS INN motels as they seem have nice enough rooms for a fair price and furnish some type of breakfast ( that saves a few bucks).

Exit 69 off I-35 has one so I check in. While I unload our things, I just feel uncomfortable with the people standing around and those checking in. Upon entering the room we find no towel or wash cloths, so I go to the deck and ask for them. They apologize and hand over some fresh from the drier ( this is at 7 pm).

I ask if the area is safer than it looks and was told "sure, just don't go outside after dark". We were planning to eat and go to a "boat". After returning to the room my wife informs me the a/c is not cooling and while sitting on the bed to check it out, I find the bed smells of "pee". Combine that with the fact the people in the next room are yelling at the top of their lungs I decide to get my money (I paid with cash) back and leave.

The lady at the desk said "no problem" and I return to the room to retrieve our stuff. Upon returning to the desk the manager was there and said we would have to pay the taxes on the room. I said fine you can keep the $12 ( I know he put it in his pocket). Little did he know but he could have had the full amount as we were not staying, period.

As we were driving out we noticed the sign on the side of the motel, WEEKLY RATES, I think they might also rent by the hour.

Things worked out. We went a few mile to Liberty, Mo. and things were much better at another DAYS INN. The new place plus the lost $12 was still cheaper by a couple bucks.


Annie said...

Woops, that was the wrong place to stay. It must have felt really good to move on.

Anonymous said...

Sam you are a better sport than me. I would have threatened to turn them in for such accomodations if ALL my money was not returned - and then I would have turned them in anyway - grrrr.
John Calypso (1946 model ;-)


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